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5 essentials in a South Indian pantry

What do I have in my pantry? This is a question I get asked regularly. Most Indian pantries have a range of similar spices, although a few bits and pieces would be different. I am from South India, so I would have a few different spices compared to a North Indian....

Turmeric chicken mince

I haven’t cooked chicken mince until recently. It’s not something that we cook in India. So my first attempt at chicken mince was the well-known spicy Thai basil chicken (Pad Krapow Gai). That was a failure! It looked so easy on the recipe! I tried it again…it was a...


Chutney puddi (powder)

Gun powder or chutney puddi (or powder) is a South Indian condiment served with idlis, dosas or mixed in with plain rice. You add some ghee with it. There are more than a 100 varieties of chutney puddi in Bangalore. I’m sure there are much more around other parts of...

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