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Quick and easy garam masala

Garam masala, unlike sambar powder, is something I use extensively in a lot of non-vegetarian dishes – tandoori chicken, kheema (mince), chicken curries, lamb curries, etc. You can also use it with vegetarian dishes like channa masala, biryani, etc. I grew up with the...

Crispy brown rice crackers

Ah…to make crackers that are crisp, that need so few ingredients, is nutritious and tasty…that’s what these rice crackers are. It’s pretty difficult to find cracker recipes without the need for gluten free flour. I’ve tried the chickpea one and I’m not a huge fan. So...


5 essentials in a South Indian pantry

What do I have in my pantry? This is a question I get asked regularly. Most Indian pantries have a range of similar spices, although a few bits and pieces would be different. I am from South India, so I would have a few different spices compared to a North Indian....

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