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DIY balm

Winter is well and truly here. It’s cold and dry and this means dry and dehydrated skin. I’ve been making, and perfecting, a special balm for almost seven years now. This balm was my go-to moisturizer for my big girl’s eczema when she first got it. I now use this balm...

Tiger bliss ball recipe

I love bliss balls. They are easy to make, quick, simple and leaves plenty of room for loads of creativity. My favorite ones are with a peanut butter and date base. You get the stickiness and the sweetness. Then I add a flour to bind these together, and then add any...


Nutrient dense chilli con carne

Not your ordinary chilli con carne, this one contains nutrients that can boost your immune system, help with depression and help keep your heart healthy. My family and friends love this version. It took a long time to perfect, but it’s worth it. I try and make this at...

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Quick and easy garam masala

Garam masala, unlike sambar powder, is something I use extensively in a lot of non-vegetarian dishes – tandoori chicken, kheema (mince), chicken curries, lamb curries, etc. You can also use it with vegetarian dishes like channa masala, biryani, etc. I grew up with the...

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