My Services

School Nutrition Education Programs

A program to introduce a love of food and cooking to kids in and during school hours; to involve them in creating nutritious food for themselves and their entire family; to take ownership of their health; to understand healthy eating and cooking; to empower them to make the right choices; to educate them on nutrition and wholesome food.

Who is this for?

School aged children and teenagers.

Creating healthy food and snacks for kids

As a mum myself, and with my kids wanting variety all the time, I find myself creating quick, easy and nutritious snacks and meals for them that they enjoy and actually eat! I have found various ways to get them to eat their veggies and educate them on nutrition. In this class, I share my ideas, tips and tricks for fussy eaters, sensory issues, cooking for children with any allergies or other health issues, choosing the right foods, what to avoid, etc. I love to get kids involved in the kitchen as well – so bring your children along for this fun class.

Who is this for? Parents and children.

Skills to cook delicious and nutritious meals using world spices

This is an introduction to the spices that we may have seen or heard of, but are too scared to use; or never known how or when to use them. These spices are beneficial in numerous ways.

I teach you how to use spices, to create spice mixtures to store for ease of use, what spices to use when, how to cross over culturally and use different spices to create ‘fusion’ food, basic spice mixes, nutritional information on spices, etc.

Who is this for?

Someone who is looking to create a variety of flavourful meals, someone who would be interested in spices but wouldn’t know how or when to use them, someone looking for inspiration and tips on spices and their uses, people with specific illness and diseases wanting to know which spices would help manage symptoms.

Cooking with allergies, intolerances and personal choices

Gluten and dairy free cooking classes; vegetarian and vegan cooking – these cooking classes will concentrate on specific allergies and intolerances. It will show you how easy it is to become gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or vegan. It will educate you on what to choose while eating out, or ordering in, substitutions for gluten and dairy in everyday cooking and baking, tips on how to take a recipe and change it to suit your lifestyle.

Who is this for?

Someone with (or looking at cooking for) allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities. Someone who is changing their lifestyle in line with their beliefs.

Cooking classes to prevent and manage specific illnesses

A hands-on program, this deals with the intricacies of cooking. I teach people how to cook and what to cook to prevent and manage specific illnesses & diseases and to maintain health. This is a cooking class and nutrition class all rolled into one. Here, I introduce beneficial spices and ingredients that people may or may not have seen or heard of (to add a burst of flavour to food), but are accessible in local supermarkets – I would like to remove any fear of the unknown!

This is a program where I teach clients how to use spices, when to use them, how to cook nutritious meals for the whole family that are delicious and varied. 

I bust some nutrition myths, introduce the basic foundations of Indian cooking, how to cook with exotic vegetables (that are easily available), how to cook for children (read ways to sneak veggies in food), cooking quick meals that are wholesome, creating & developing recipes on their own, how to cook sustainably, healthy hacks on unhealthy recipes, etc.

Who is this for?

People with chronic illness or disease, people looking at changing their lifestyle or looking to maintain their health, parents of young children, someone who is looking at expanding their culinary skills

Decoding supermarkets - shopping tours

This is a fun activity where I take groups to the local supermarket. Here, I reveal supermarket secrets, introduce ingredient and label reading, how to choose sustainably, yet suitable to your budget, where to buy hard-to-find alternatives, tips on how to save your dollars, how to choose clean & green cleaning products, nappies, soap, make up, etc. It covers the entire supermarket.

Who is this for?

People who are looking at changing their lifestyle to a cleaner, better one. People who are looking to read ingredients and understand labels. People with allergies and intolerances. People who are looking at creating a non / low toxic household.

Community Outreach Programs

This is a program designed to help the community to prevent and manage illness and disease.

I educate the community on nutrition in simple terms, using cooking demos as a tool. Also, I educate them on how and where to source the best ingredients, cooking on a budget, seasonally and sustainably, including a holistic view on health, teaching them how to meal plan, how to cook for children, how to use the variety of spices available, etc.

Who is this for?

Parents of young children, teenagers and the older generation.