Let’s Cook Together!

Upcoming classes 2024

  • We use organic and biodynamic ingredients only (unless it cannot be sourced)
  • Most dishes can be catered to be gluten free, dairy free and other allergy friendly food
  • We cook in non toxic cookware in a beautiful setting

Adult cooking classes (book here)

Saturday, March 30

~ 12:30 – 3:30 ~

Quick 30 min dishes ($110)

Palak paneer – This is a dish you would get in most Indian restaurants. This is made with cottage cheese and spinach.

Lime rice – One of the first dishes I learnt, it is super easy and quick to make.

Simple dhal – The simplest dish that kids and adults love. A one pot dish made with lentils.


Saturday, May 4

~ 12:30pm to 3:30pm ~

Curry powders ($100)

Styling - Chloe

Sambar powder – a traditional South Indian curry mix which is a staple

Garam masala – a North Indian base for  curries. This is what you would use if you’re looking to replicate the standard Indian take aways.

Chutney powder – This can be made so many different ways. Great to eat with dosas and idlis, or just mixed in with plain rice.

Tamarind rice powder – This mix is great to keep on hand for that day that you don’t feel like cooking a full blown meal. Cook some rice, steam some veg, mix this powder in with the two…dinner is done!

Sunday, June 2

~ 12:30pm to 3:30pm ~

Non vegetarian ($130)

Beef cutlets – This is Anglo-Indian cuisine at its finest. These are spiced beef risolles.

Egg curry – Don’t care for meat? Try this curry wtih eggs instead. It’s tangy and tasty.

Tandoori chicken – Pre marinated chicken made on the barbie. Impress your friends and family at the next BBQ with this easy to make dish.


Kids’ cooking classes (Book here)

Saturday, Apr 29

~ 10:30am to 12:30pm ~

Sweets ($35)

Lentil sweet – Nutritious dessert made with coconut milk

Indian rice sweet – These sweet rice balls are flavoursome and fun to make

Chai – made on the stove top the traditional Indian way


Saturday, May 27

~ 10:30am to 1:30pm ~

Indian snacks ($45)

 Potato Bonda – A mildly spiced potato mix encased in a chickpea flour batter

Samosas – Vegetable mix encased in pastry – the quintessential North Indian snack


Saturday, Jun 24

~ 10:30am to 12:30pm ~

Snacks ($35)

Apple cinnamon oat bars – Great for brekky or snacks. Easy to make with wholesome ingredients.

Kombucha – This probiotic drink is all the rage now. We will learn how to make it and how to flavour it (second ferment).



I really enjoyed your Cooking Class and the knowledge you passed on about the process on cooking Indian cuisine.
We all had a great time and I will cook with your paste over the weekend – Sarah, Brisbane

Really fun, hands on class. Very authentic. Lots of tastes and divine smells and laughs. I love how proper Gayle is during the class – no rush. Everything from scratch. You make and taste everything and very full at the end of the day. Everything is delicious. – Tania, Brisbane


Great experience. It was a taste celebration. Thank you. Now I’m an Indian food fan. – Kateryra, Melbourne


Loved everything! Delicious, delightful! I had the best time. Thanks for the take home spices and food. – Kelly, Brisbane


Fantastic class. Thank you for the fun day. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the coolest past was how you are using food as medicine!!! Flavours were amazing. – Anna, Brisbane

I recently attended a cooking class with a few friends. Had a great time cooking up four tasty dishes, with plenty of laughs and many interesting cooking tips. Heaps to eat. Will certainly go back again. Thanks Gayle, it was a fantastic morning! – Rina, Brisbane

Beautiful choice of dishes. It was a lovely balance of the benefits of healthy food in cooking. The atmosphere was relaxed and flexible. Friendly, warm presentation, filled with joy, passion and common sense in the social, emotional wonder of cooking. Pia, Brisbane


We found your cooking classes to be fun and engaging. The kids enjoyed attending & eating the food they created. As a parent, I loved to taste test the results. You were patient and tailored the cooking to suit the different ages of kids attending. We loved taking the printed recipes home so they could be recreated. You’ve shown us that healthy nutritious food can be super tasty and easy to make! – Sarah, Brisbane


Lots of great cooking tips. The food is amazing and the process was simple and managable to do at home – Tammy, Brisbane


Informative, learnt new skills. Loved the tasting aspect. Inspired to cook more with spices! – Tammy Wilson, Brisbane


I really enjoyed the class. Gayle was really personable, warm and had great knowledge and tips for cooking. Great space for the class too! I liked that it wasn’t complicated and realistic to make. Amazing flavours – Nicole, Brisbane


Food is amazing! Always amazing – Janine, Sydney


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