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Nutrient dense chilli con carne

Not your ordinary chilli con carne, this one contains nutrients that can boost your immune system, help with depression and help keep your heart healthy. My family and friends love this version. It took a long time to perfect, but it’s worth it. I try and make this at...

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Chutney puddi (powder)

Gun powder or chutney puddi (or powder) is a South Indian condiment served with idlis, dosas or mixed in with plain rice. You add some ghee with it. There are more than a 100 varieties of chutney puddi in Bangalore. I’m sure there are much more around other parts of...

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Henna – A natural hair dye and conditioner

Henna is a leaf that people have used forever in Ancient Egypt, India, Africa, Greece and the Arab world to dye their hair. In fact, Rhamesses II, Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt was found to have henna-dyed hair that was applied after his death. Henna, or...

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