My Story

Welcome to Clean Living Indian!

‚ÄčI am a mum of 3 girls, a business trainer, a photographer, a qualified ‘Culinary Nutrition Expert’ passionate about using food as medicine, a dancer, a lover of music, a sewer, a DIY enthusiast, low tox pursuer, an adventurer, a feisty Indian living in Australia and a perpetual student.

Growing up in India, I was always surrounded by food – as children, we had 3 meals cooked every single day. Meals were wholesome, nutritious and delicious, using the freshest of vegetables and a variety of spices. Food was the centre of every single gathering. The variety of food was mind boggling.

I missed all that when I moved to Australia, so I used to call my mum and get her recipes for all my favourite dishes. I have cooked these over and over again, and have now tweaked them to make them even healthier. I rediscovered my roots and have now taken it to the next level – using food to attain and maintain optimum health.

Playing with spices and creating new recipes, healthifying recipes to suit my family’s tastes, tweaking recipes so my kids get loads of veggies and nutrients are all things I absolutely love to do. Making organic, nutrient dense food fun and delicious is one of my priorities in life.

I have extended healthy living to our overall lifestyle.

The catalyst for all this was my daughter’s eczema. That was 7 years ago. I have made lifestyle changes ever since…and are still making them today – from nutrition to cleaning products, make up, bedding, furniture, toiletries, paint, lunch boxes…

Join me in my journey to get your family to reach the epitome of health through wholesome living.

~ Gayle ~